You Can Now Take a Bitcoin University Class for Free

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to learn more about Bitcoin, mining and Bitcoin mining hardware you now have the chance to take a university class. To top it off the class is free of charge. That’s right. Draper University has recently launched a course that gives you the chance to learn everything you ever wanted to about the popular crypto currency. What’s best is that you do it from the comfort of your home. The Bitcoin class is an online class and all you have to do is register.

Draper University is a residential and virtual school that focuses on educating entrepreneurs and assisting them with clarifying their startup business plan, understanding strategies for raising capital, learning business fundamentals and networking. The school has teamed up with ZapChain – a growing network for Bitcoin professionals – that allows them to offer the online course.

According to Adam Draper, the University’s CEO, “The largest problem in the Bitcoin adoption world right now is education and this is the best Bitcoin education course online. It answers all the questions by giving access to the experts in the Bitcoin space, no one else has done this in a quality way.” The main motivator for this class is to educate people in a non-technical fashion about Bitcoin as well as illustrating how it can help the financial sector.

Zapchain’s co founder, Matt Schlicht, also added, “When I found out that Draper University was making a Bitcoin course, I knew ZapChain needed to get involved. Bitcoin is an amazing technology that can enable innovation in so many areas of the world and I’m very proud of what we have created. I can’t wait to see the new products created by people who take the Bitcoin Course.”

United Way Worldwide: Largest Non Profit Organization to Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not all about mining hardware or mining for Bitcoin to buy stuff in the easiest way possible. No, it is also about some of the most important issues going on in the world and how this amazing virtual currency can help others.

Nonprofit United Way Worldwide has become the largest organization of its kind to begin accepting Bitcoin for donations. The charity is the largest privately held nonprofit in the world, raising more than $5bn annually. This move makes United Way the largest nonprofit yet to take on the adoption of virtual currencies and make it a viable option for donors.

However, there is no word yet as to whether United Way will be keeping any Bitcoin or if they will convert these immediately to fiat currencies. Bitcoin can be used and transferred instantly and this goes hand in hand with the US-based organization’s cause which focuses heavily on improving education, aiding people reach financial stability and promoting better health.

Bitcoin could become extremely important for a charity such as United Way since moving these cash donations from country to country sometimes means paying high transfer fees that are eliminated altogether when using the popular crypto currency. United Way will be using merchant tools provided by the payment processor Coinbase, who happened to announced a few weeks back that they have dropped all processing fees for registered 501(c) non-profit organizations.

Australia Capital City Gets New ATM

These days you can find a Bitcoin fan, Bitcoin mining enthusiast or a Bitcoin curious person in every single corner of the world.  Heck, you can even seem to find a Bitcoin ATM everywhere you go. Now, those of you who happen to visiting or perhaps live in the Australian Capital City of Canberra, have a chance to buy and sell Bitcoin using a Bitcoin ATM conveniently located the RUC at Turner.

The RUC is a small but very popular club in Canberra visited by many locals and tourists alike. The ATM’s operator, Bit2Bit, actually refers to the machine as a CTM, or cryptocurrency teller machine. Users can go beyond buying or selling Bitcoins as the machine also offers the option to use other crypto currencies such as Litecoin and Dogecoin.  RUC’s manager, Ned Scanlon, said “When Bit2Bit approached us with their CTM we knew it was the right fit for us. We know the importance of keeping up to date with the latest technology and innovations relevant to the club and pub environment – we have a coffee app and provide access to free WiFi.”

This particular machine is a Genesis1 unit, produced by California-based Genesis Coin. According to Alex Hume, Bit2Bit co-founder, “The aim of our company is to move cryptocurrencies into the everyday retail world. Until recently, they have been mostly traded as an investment or seen as a curiosity.”

Blocksign: A Consumer-Ready Product Built on the Bitcoin Blockchain

There’s more to Bitcoin these days than just being able to trade it for goods online and offline, buy Bitcoin mining hardware to create even more coins or use them as a saving technique. Bitcoin’s technology, otherwise know as the blockchain, is actually the transaction database shared by all nodes that take place in a system based on the Bitcoin protocol. Now, companies are using this blockchain to create consumer ready products or applications of their own.

Blocksign, a startup company that has recently launched, is a blockchain service that will allow you to digitally sign any document, contract, or agreement. All of the accumulates signatures will be kept in the same system that keeps all records of Bitcoin transactions.

From the beginning of Bitcoin, the main developers of this project insisted that it’s not all about the digital currency itself but more about the blockchain and the possibility of being able to build non-monetary technologies on top of it. Even while the basis of the technology behind BlockSign has already used by cryptographically inclined Bitcoin consumers in the past, this company is now of the first small beginner companies to make their product convenient and accommodating enough for it to become popular by everyday folks like you and me.

Shopify Merchants Can Now Accept Bitcoin Payments

Shopify is the perfect solution for those who are looking to set up an ecommerce website to sell products. If you’re looking to sell Bitcoin mining hardware, your clothing line or other personal creations, Shopify is where you want to start . The online shop builder has well over 100,000 merchants and these can now offer their own customers the option to pay for the good with Bitcoins by using Coinbase.

Shopify has partnered with Bitcoin financial services provider Coinbase which will work as the integration platform to process these Bitcoin payments on the merchant’s websites. In addition to Coinbase, Shopify also gives customers the chance to offer BitPay (available since November 2013) as a payment option to their merchants. It’s up to the vendors to choose which processor fits their needs and wants.

According to Shopify’s director of payments, Louis Kearns, the decision to add a new processor to the list as important as Coinbase is the fact that giving merchants options gives the digital currency a whole new light and a lot of exposure. According to Kearns, “We’ve found that by supporting multiple payment providers it encourages each of them to innovate a bit more and their customers benefit as a result. We see this as a positive play for Shopify and bitcoin at large.”

First Crypto Currency Mining Conference to Take Place in October

Bitcoin mining hardware enthusiasts as well as Bitcoin miners will have the chance to mingle with other and assist to conferences in the world’s first-ever crypto currency mining event dedicated to this activity. The conference has been named Hashers United and will take place from October 10th-11th at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Speakers to the event include Vitalik Buterin, Vertcoin, Tyson Cross, Stephen L Reed, Haas McCock, Marshall Long, Robert W Wood, Bits Be Trippin, Charlie Lee, Phil Maher and Ittay Eyal. The conference intends to expose and discuss the many tests and demands that Bitcoin miners face including important issues, technical realities and working solutions in hopes of helping miners be more cost-effective, improve their operations and generate more profits.

Hashers United will be a place for miners to meet other miners and exchange their ideas and help the community grow. The conference will cover other crypto currencies aside from Bitcon with the attendance of experts, coin creators and workshop leaders. Some of the topics that will be covered include protocol scrutiny, algorithm analysis for better strategic planning and operations, more effective rig building and live mining demonstrations. Guests will also be able to attend workshops about profitability, investment, crypto currency management and other topics.

What Things Can You Buy with Bitcoin?

To answer that question you’re going to want to think about Bitcoin almost as fiat money – but without all the regulation associated with it. These days the popular crypto currency can get you almost anything you can think of: food, apparel, electronics, cars, real estate, Bitcoin mining hardware and even an actual gold mine. That’s right. These things, an much more, can all be bought with your Bitcoins.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast and you’re looking to spend some of your coins here and there, you’re going to want to visit a site like BitPremier. This website is solely dedicated to selling unique, high-end items that can be paid with Bitcoins and that you won’t be able to find anywhere else online. As a matter of fact, BitPremier only lists the following items on their site: “real estate, autos (listed at $50k USD or more), jewelry and watches (listed at $5k USD or more), home goods and travel (listed at $5k USD or more), handbags and accessories (listed at $5K USD or more).

One of the very latest items to be listed on this peculiar website includes a “Profitable Gold Mine” that’s actually located in Dawson City, in Yukon, Canada. The listing reads, “ The very first offering of its kind on the Bitcoin market; a proven, profitable gold mine located in the heart of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Home to television programs such as History Channel’s Yukon Gold and National Geographic’s Yukon Gold, Dawson City has a long, rich and vibrant history as a proven Gold producing region.” So if you happen to have Ƀ3,069.226, the equivalent to $2,000,000.00, and you’ve been thinking about buying a gold mine, this sound like the perfect opportunity for you.

Intuit Introduces New Software: QuickBook Bitcoin Payments

Intuit, a leading software provider of business and financial management solutions, has introduced QuickBook Bitcoin Payments. This new financial software will allow businesses to accept the popular crypto currency without the need of creating a Bitcoin wallet or having to deal with the coins in a direct manner.

Intuit is a company that caters to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, consumers and accounting professionals and has created other successful business such as TurboTax, QuickBooks, and have impressed many with their new Bitcoin-related venture. Intuit  has come up with an innovative way to enable small businesses to accept Bitcoin payments, however this is still a Beta version. The company is promotion this software as a way for businesses to only see dollars when accepting the digital currency and avoiding chargebacks or having to deal with high fees that set by traditional payment networks.

According to Intuit’s press release regarding Quickbook the company believes that, “Small businesses just want to get paid and is troublesome to keep track of, checks have lots of friction (writing, mailing, depositing) and card transactions have high fees. Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of our customers. During incubation week, we experimented with bitcoin to solve the aforementioned pains associated with getting paid.”

You Can Now Find Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants on Yelp

Yelp, a San Francisco-based company that works as a restaurant and business reviews platform and merchant directory provider, has made an official announcement: merchants that take Bitcoin can promote awareness of the crypto currency method via the company’s platform.

The “Accepts Bitcoin” tab is actually an attribute to business listings and merchants can feel free to update their profile on to start using this feature. According to Yelp’s announcement on their website’s blog: “We’re constantly thinking about how to make our business attributes more useful for consumers and businesses. That’s why we’re excited to announce that as of today, we’re adding a new attribute: ‘Accepts Bitcoin: Yes’.”

Yelp understands the importance of Bitcoin and other non-traditional information. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin joins an already long list of options offered by the company’s business listings that aren’t only limited to payment: is the business currently open or not, does it offer delivery, is it pet-friendly and other important information. Yelp also wants their clients to know that Bitcoin transactions, just like cash, are one-way which eliminates the possibility of a cash-back, which sometimes results in major headaches. Yelp’s announcement also added: “We’re hopeful the introduction of the Bitcoin attribute will provide yet another way for consumers to connect with great local businesses.”

This move brings the crypto currency to a more exposed audience since Yelp has more than 100 million unique visitors. Bitcoin mining hardware and Bitcoin miners can also benefit from this mainstream exposure as well.

NYU Professors Working on Bitcoin Class

Are you eager to learn more about Bitcoin mining and what this is all about? Well then, you’re in luck. That is, if you happen to be part of the New York University. Two NYU professors, finance professor David Yermack and law professor Geoffrey Miller, have proposed to start a class regarding Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies.

These professors truly seem to understand the huge importance that Bitcoin represents in the modern world and most of all; the great deal of confusion and lack of understanding that revolves around the crypto currency.  Professor Yermack and professor Miller would like to assist their students sail trough the rough waters of regulation and comprehend the currency’s true value.

The class hasn’t been approved yet, however these teachers have already created an early outline to pitch their superiors on “The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.” Their courses will deal with topics such as money laundering via Bitcoin, ways to measure the currency’s trading activities and deep analysis on the question that seems to be the biggest one: is Bitcoin even a real currency?.

According to the duo, “Our proposal is for a combined offering of the Law School and the Stern School and would be open to registration for both law and business students. The class would be a 2-credit class for law student and a 1.5-credit class for business students. To adjust for the difference in credit, there would be four extra law classes for law students, not required for business school students, taught at the beginning of the semester.”